Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Physical and mental health. To live longer And peace in society

Physical and mental health, the two things are inextricably linked . If there is any one thing that bugs away. Would make the most impact with. So if you care about health. It must surely be a focus on mental health as well.

Current health is very important. Because good health Would lead to a long life , and peace in society. It is seen that with increasing national and global measures to keep people alive in the society , such as the continued strong .

- Quit smoking campaign And alcohol

- Support Exercise

- Providing nutrition information And cleanliness in consumer products.

- Disease Control

- The control of environmental pollution


Measures mentioned above , for example . It will be supported in the campaign and raise awareness . Many have set out a law to use them. Which is a testament to the importance of the health of the government. Agencies and international health

In addition to health care in the states . Likely disclosure of general health care . It increases every day , as is evident from its plain and healthy activity has been growing like eating Chocolate. Exercise ( aerobics, yoga) the spa.

And why Good physical and mental health Affect the beauty of the body to look good. Cause health and beauty currently being linked to.

All of the above Is the reason we gather information. With the goal that all of you have enjoyed the good mental and physical health . There is beauty in both body and mind.